Geoff Bateson: writer

I have done many things in my adult life: I spent time as a student for a doctorate in sociology, I was a secondary school science teacher, an Open University lecturer in adult learning, an education researcher and evaluator of numerous development programmes, the director of a large partnership arrangement focusing on reading and writing levels across a whole city, various roles as public service planner and manager, a partner and a parent (and now a grandparent) and probably several other things as well…

The one consistent thing throughout this variety of employments and ways of being has been Writing. My work often involved writing documents for different purposes; my work has often been about writing and literacy – but I have also always written for my own purposes, because I was driven to write.

At the end of my long career in formal employment I have made the transition to focusing more and more time onto writing. This includes writing a number of blogs; it has resulted in several books by me being up on the Amazon kindle website; it includes the stuff I put with care out via Facebook and Twitter – as well as stuff I write in my head and which never sees the light of day. I now think of myself as Geoff Bateson: Writer.

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