More recently a number of other ebooks  by Geoff Bateson are available:


(Also available in paperback, via Amazon).

Set in Vancouver during the first half of 2017.
Don temporarily settles in the city and is drawn in by local events and an immediate set of people. Soon, he is taking on roles that were not in his rental agreement. He starts to piece together the background to the ethereal Elizabeth.
Meanwhile. there is writing to be done ….
This novel deals with issues of:
o relationships and responsibilities
o identities and imaginings
o histories and legacies
o creativity and choice
all within the unfolding everyday issues of modern cities.


Everything There Is

It is 2097. A young girl moves house with her family. She, like many other young women, keeps a diary … a journal … (or whatever the right word may be). It records her thoughts and feelings about her new young friend Darlene, Darlene’s brother, a whole set of other characters in her life; and her feelings about her various relatives, including Granny – especially Granny.
As time goes on she gets drawn into thinking about family, friendship, love, nature, history, dangers, decision-making, and the world in general.
The more she experiences, the more she thinks and the more she learns: The more she finds out the more she sees things in terms of puzzles to be solved.
Who or what is the System? How does it work? Why is she starting to get mysterious messages? What is the best thing to do?


Five Men

Four very different men find themselves together in a small ward of a hospital in Manchester (UK). It is the mid-1950s and society is undergoing many changes, which exert influences in the life of each of the men.
During the few days on the ward the interests and values of the men begin to interact. Their personal histories begin to intertwine. They learn things about each other and about themselves – some of which have repercussions over the next fifteen years.
The story explores issues of duty and loyalty; of individuality and society; of progress and restraint; of reliance and independence; of morality and principles; and of strength and weakness.


Earlier ebooks by Geoff Bateson are available on the Amazon kindle store:

It’s Murder on the Eleven

This light murder mystery is set around Birmingham’s famous Outer Circle number 11 bus route. When bus drivers start to be killed, passenger Gail decides to get to the bottom of it all.

Made in Birmingham: The Tales

Almost seventy short fictional tales as told by a wide variety of characters. The tales demonstrate a broad range of personalities and viewpoints.

Made in Birmingham: The Poems

This collection of poems was drawn together to cover a wide range of lengths and styles and to appeal to a broad variety of readers. Some are meant to be taken lightly and others are meant to be lingered over.

Another Glorious Day

Sam, for reasons that cannot be divulged here, is contained in a box – alone with his thoughts, memories and imaginings. Will he escape ….? Read to find out.

Visit Geoff Bateson at the kindle bookstore on www.amazon.co.uk or www.amazon.com. The books are also available on the German, French, Spanish and Italian versions of Amazon. Other e-downloads are freely available on Geoff’s blogsite www.thewordsthething.org.uk .


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